When old Thenaria split off from the alsaro republic, founded by the mages who were not content to be the puppets of nobles, selling their arcane creations and knowledge to make others rich while the mages wrought in filth, the mages were to few in number to defend themselves to secure their independence or waste time farming and mining to create the city’s that they now hold. Their answer to the former was a force of tin soldiers, autonomous suits of armor that guarded their lands while to the final problem they created the Yersinia. Breeding common rats ,weaving spells of mutation and intelligence into each subsequent generation with selective breeding to gain the most useful traits while culling the unwanted of each generations, the first true Yersinia were birthed decades after the mages gained its independence and were immediately put to work, breeding in massive numbers and mining/ farming the lands for their mage masters, and are one of the sole reasons Thenaria has flourished as a powerful nation in the civilized west.

A race of slaves, the Yersinia first served the mages of Thenaria in all ways, mining, farming, cooking, cleaning, tending shops, research assistants and what ever else is needed so the population of mages may focus at all times on magical advancement and research. With limited intelligence most skills are not taught but innately known from birth thanks to the magic that spawned them, allowing so they could work efficiently with little risk of rebellion as they are taught to love their masters and be thankful for their work with little understanding of how they even achieve their tasks. The few privileged Yersinia that exist are anomaly’s born with increased intelligence and even the ability to cast magic, strange as the skill was bred to never exist in the race, unlike their lesser brethren they are given full rights as citizens of Thenaria and are often tasked with leading their lesser kin who look upon them as the favored sons and daughters of their race.

Due to their ability to breed massive numbers in a short span of time and being an effective work force with almost no chance of rebellion a blackmarket has been created to facilitate the capturing of live Yersinia or attempting to create their own but all attempts have been met in failure with those captured devolving into feral beasts and the breeding experiments creating much worse.

Physical Description: Bipedal rats roughly standing at four to five feet tall on average, their body posture is often hunched due to a common deformity in their spine. Covered in fine thick fur that ranges in color to black, white, gray and brown, they excretes a layer of fine oil upon the fur that makes their bodies almost water-proof, this same oil acts as a pheromone that a Yersinia can use to deduce the emotions or motives of another of its kind. With an extremely high metabolism their body’s appear to be naturally scrawny or even malnourished.

Life Span: Being born in mass spawning beneath the city of Theneria, the Yersinia spend the first few years of their existence within the “breeding tunnels” were they learn social skills and the worship of their master from their fellow slaves. at the age of 5 they are then picked for their job by a higher ranking yersinia named a task master, which they will then work until the day they die on average of 50.

Society: A slave race, the Yersinia care little for their own happiness or survival as they are bred to adore their mage masters and their favored children known as the “Awakened”. The common Yersinia work their entire lives only braking to sleep and eat or breed the next generation loving each moment, it is actually a known occurrence that without tasks ordered to them the Yersinia do nothing wasting away and simply allowing themselves to die.

The so called “awakened” Yersinia are seen as the next magical evolution of the race and often look down on their lesser brethren caring not for their kind seeing them as nothing but beasts of burden to be used and are thankful they are not akin to them, most of the awakened do not even see themselves as the same race. Able to cast magic the awakened usually leave their lands to explore the world curious as to why they were born different and wishing to be away from the countless lesser beasts they were born from as it is a constant reminder of what they might become and what their children may be as not even the children of two awakened are guaranteed to be one. So most begin a personal quest to find a permanent solution to their intelligence so gift it to their kin.

Relations: Bred to adore their masters, who ever they may be the Yersinia look upon all mages as divine beings worth their devotion but to all others they are simply ignored or tolerated at best as they tend to get in the way of their appointed tasks. Awakened Yersinia look upon the world with an eye of suspicion as many outside their homeland seek to gain the secrets of their race and are willing to do anything to capture and breed a slave work force of the rat-people.

Religion: The common Yersinia worship what they call “ Chained God” a god of slaves that follows the commands of their masters gods. Looking down upon all of the Yersinia the chained god rewards those who blindly obey and love their work while strangling those who refuse or move beyond their task with the very chains the god is bound with. And while some awakened honor the chained god out of fear most abandon him for gods of magic.

Male Names: Stukch , Thuel, Chatch , Askrut, Skril, Skrin, Thik, Stonekrech,

Female Names: Zel, Nel, Alm, Ves, Tal,


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