As the Great Winter was unleashed by the ancient elves who saw fit to see humanity die with them at the end of the rebellion that engulfed the old empire many races retreated either underground or into heavily fortified sanctuary’s that protected them from the mutation snows and the monsters that it spawned. But a select few humans either by choice or unable to find protection were assaulted by the magically tainted snows for centuries but as elf died in droves, like many ways humanity found a way to survive.

Those humans who were touched by the snows found themselves changing as they took on the quality’s of beasts and monsters eventually finding themselves with the ability to shift either select body parts or their entire being into strange forms that mimic that of animals. These lucky few would become the ancestors of the modern Vaug while the rest would mutate into gibbering monsters that to this day serve as warning to some not to meddle with magic as it leads to nothing but corruption. Because of this many vaug are seen with a level of suspicion as if they are one step away from turning into a monster themselves as many will approach them with a air of hostility if the Vaugs blood ties are known.

Because of this air of suspicion many Vaug avoid centers of civilization, staying within the confines of the wilderness were their bestial nature allows them to live far more comfortably then most other races. But while some live in comfort in the forest avoiding confrontation simply attempting to live others dedicate their lives to hunting down the monsters that share blood with them as an attempt of atonement for the horrors their cousins have inflicted upon the world, and maybe show others they are not the monsters they kill.

Unfortunately for many a parent, the Vaug trait is a recessive trait meaning it may lay dormeant in the blood of a family for generation’s only to spring up in the birth of a child once every few decades. These Vaug are usually kept in secrecy from the outside world, killed at birth or given to a passing Vaug tribe to raise, with only in the most enlightened of society’s coming to accept the child as they grow of age and their abilities awaken.

Physical Description: With a mouth full of canines and eyes akin to a cats, the Vaug’s bestial tendency’s can be seen at first glance by most who pay attention. Hair tends to shift towards light brown and soft colors with skin being ironically for a more northern race an olive skin tone.

Lifespan: The vaugs lifespan varies greatly from member to member based on their form, some will live for only 75 years while others will exist upto 100.

Society: Living off the comforts of the wilderness, the Vaug travel in large nomadic groups staying away from major centers of civilization to avoid conflict with a rare number moving on their own usually in a dedication to hunt the monsters they call brothers. Vaug have a deep appreciation for the natural art’s and often stay in a single area even if it would put them in danger once a natural feature has attracted their attention as they will attempt to form a connection with it, almost imprinting the memory of it onto themselves.

Relations: As false legends have spread that the Vaug are descendants of monsters who have shifted into human form to trick others many find the race repulsive and difficult to understand with open hostility being a common factor the Vauh encounter with the worse situations ending in witch hunts and mob killings.

Religion: Preferring to honor nature gods the Vaug do not take organized religion to seriously rather using the day to enjoy themselves and life rather then on their knee’s praying. Because of this they are rarely motivated by greed or desire which holds little use for them.


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