The lowest class of elf during the golden age of the old empire, serving as warriors, bodyguards and before the introduction of humanity the common slaves that worked in the fields and mines of the empire. Orcs as they were discriminatory called by their elven brothers were the first race to join the humans in open rebellion refusing to buckle a knee any longer to their brothers, and for this is the only race openly accepted in modern times by most humans who see past their elven heritage.

Given land of their own with many promises never to tread upon its soil, the Una-kai took the area in the Kor’gathi mountains known as the Neck, settling in vast numbers into a tribal society were strength places one statues in society. These tribes while in constant competition with one another do not spill blood but instead compete in games every year to rid themselves of their natural aggression. But for many youths who find this life-style unable to settle will sell themselves into the army’s of others as valuable shocktroops and rapid assault units aswell as bodyguards to the rich becoming a statues symbol of such for thos with influence.

In recent years though many tribes of the Una-kai within their lands have buckled to the weight they call; Grogash, a conqueror who has been slowly binging them back to the old ways of blood and violence with small raids on neighboring lands having already been commenced but with few having the strength to retaliate against the Una-Kai horde or to overstep the bounds of the agreement to never tread on their lands.

Physical Description: Massive at 6ft4 being considered small, their black skin is covered in thin light bristle like hair along with scars and tribal tattoo’s they call “Pe’a” that they display with pride. Fanged mouths that even when closed protrude small tusks that are meant to strip flesh from bone, their eyes can be anything from a dull yellow to a pale blue and in rare circumstances a bright green with hair shifting towards gray and black that tends to blend in with their skin color.

Lifespan: Reaching physical maturity at the age of 5, the average una-kai will remain in their prime for their entire life until the day they die at the average age of 100.

Society: Centered around control and the search for discipline at the very least among the ranks of their elders, the Una-kai youth focus themselves upon hunting, and competition against each other as a distraction to their genetic need for combat that only grows as they age. Doing what ever they need to suppress the blood-lust as with each kill it only grows some of their number cannot fight t the urge and throw themselves int other whims of their desires selling themselves to foreigners as soldiers and bodyguards.

Relations: While little is known of those who live within the Neck, those Una-kai who travel spread their name through the strength in their arms giving them a reputation as a feerless and proud people who will fight for anyone who has coin or the right challenge to spark their interest. The sight of them becoming a sign of statues that a conflict has risen to new heights.

Religion: With violence coming easy to this race and peace only achievable after years of discipline the Una-kai only listen to the laws of those strong enough to enforce them, this includes the laws of the gods as they only adhere to war gods such as Feodas and the Silent Kings caring not for their ideology but who can give a better fight.


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