Thought to be the original strand of human that all others stem from, or atleast that is what they claim. The mid-landers are known to be the most diverse of the human races clinging to all walks of life, creed and inhabit every corner of Aggarath. Dominatly found amoung the roving hills of the Divide and the Alsaro republic which they claim to be the homeland of their people the calm nurturing environment is one of the safest area’s of the known lands, free from monsters and over magical pollution that allowed the mid-landers to continue on without any major changes to their biology like their cousin human races, a fact that some of them use to persecute against others.

Extremely fractured among their own kind even for a human race they have splintered into dozens of minor kingdoms that inhabit the Divide and the north or lay beneath the grip of the Alsaro republic that are constantly at odds with each other and the other races of Aggarath which has painted a poor picture of the people as a bigotry filled horde of individuals despite that only being a small but outspoken minority that seems unfortunately to be in leadership positions more then commonly that portrays to others that for one to succeed among these humans you must be willing to cheat, steal and back-stab your way up the chain of command.

Because of the lack of magic in their veins and the poor life style many hold they have amoung the shortest lifespans of any human race. Which many point out that if they were to dive into the art of magic it would be greatly expanded a superstitious nature of anything magical, or even simply change, keeps many from the art as it wasnt to long ago that members of this race were burning magic users at the stake for simply lies told to them of the threat of magic.

Physical Description: A pale people who stand on average 5ft 9 and only slightly shorter for women, their hair color ranges with hues of soft brown being dominant with black being rare, as other hair colors are noted to be a sign of being mixed breed which has a level of discrimination.

Lifespan: Pure from magical taint, the tholian will see themselves degrade physically after 30 until the last of their days at the average age of 75.

Society: a simple militaristic culture that has only begun to “civilize” in the last few centuries. Midlander take pride in their martial skill despite being outclassed in physical ability by other races, it is a matter of pride thatt hey have survived despite the hostile world around them. Superstitious and afraid of anything they don’t understand the Mid-lander’s are known to turn on each other in times of crisis

Relations:Seen as bigoted racists towards others, who will turn on each other just as easily. Most of the races see them as disorganized hordes who do not know discipline or respect. But they are also seen as hard workers who when they do combine their strength and work together can achieve many great things.

Religion: As varied as the leaders they follow in the mortal life, it is the same for their immortal souls. Following every creed that exists to some degree the race is not unified by any single religion but in past years the church of the True god has made mandy advances into creating such a thing as it feeds on their base nature of dislike for the other races or any who does not follow their beliefs.


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