The True Goddess

As it is taught in the Holy Script, the True Goddess is the sole creator of the known and unknown world. Born into the void of non-existence before time and creation were in their infancy, the first light of creation itself, the goddess all powerful and knowledgeable and yet utterly alone, found herself wanting of companionship and so split from herself half of her immense might to make a companion to share the void with, sacrificing her own power simply to fill the void with a second voice. This entity given the named Hecate by her own words saw the goddess as her equal and sister, for only that the two shared equal power. While the goddess was content, Hecate was filled with a want of the very creation that spawned her and so with her voice wove a world for her to play with, from her song a world was formed, songs of passion became fire, love and life, songs of strength became mountains, plains and forests. With each song she sung a new addition to the world was added until she weaved the songs together and formed the first primitives, the first forms of life which shared all of which she sung of.

Her attention stolen from The Goddess by this new creation, the goddess turned to see what was formed and found herself entranced by this act of creation and wished to share it, each taking turns bestowing gifts onto the world and it’s inhabitants such as the way to play the songs of creation themselves, but as Hecate saw the being’s as playthings to twist and turn as she wished to entertain her down the infinite, the Goddess saw potential in this new creation that could grow like a garden with only the slightest of her touch. But over time Hecate grew jealous as her creations spoiled the alters of the True Goddess and scoured that of Hecate, so much that Hecate sung again and wove into creation wrath, war, hate and death. The Goddess refusing to allow her sister to spoil creation fought for control but as both were equal in power they fought until their strength waned and sleep passed over them leaving the mortal realm to it’s own tidings.

As the primitive began to call themselves elves, their songs rewritten into magic and time passed, the Hecate and the goddess were forgotten until long after the great winter. The surge of magical energy from the great winter spurring Hectat to reawaken and finding a world who had not only forgotten her but have grown past to worship false gods enraged her and so she reached out with her hands and covered the sun, raining a foul song of corruption onto the world cursing those who would play her songs with the curse of the Fallen changing them into foul beasts and monstrosity’s. Soon after the True Goddess awoke and found the world alien, but found the creation more beautiful then she could imagine with new life that neither she nor Hecate had created; Humanity, to weak after her slumber to strike down Hecate as the Fallen ravaged the world feeding her with every death they inflicted, the Goddess wove herself into the soul of a babe of humanity being born into mortality as the women who would become Catherine vel Vasch. Knowing not of her divine heritage the peasant born into death and war with the fallen felt the urge to fight and so picked up arms, gathering others to her flag, her voice rousing the weak and downtrodden to bind together and gain strength against the horde of the fallen. In time the Fallen were defeated and as magic was banned from the lands less were turned into the monstrosity’s until they were a forgotten memory, but the mages who have for so long have used the songs of Hecate as their own, were easily controlled to kill the Goddess in mortal form, leaving them to be hunted down once Hecate was done with them but the act irreversible.

But only for a moment did the masses weep for their savior, the True Goddess being fed by the love of humanity and those she new in her life, was reborn once again as in the void outside the world with her original power before she created Hecate and forced her to sleep once more, being unable to kill what was in extension herself. The battle draining her, the Goddess final acts were to pass on the knowledge to her mortal friend’s, as they deserved to know the truth of her origin, and they would go on to become the first disciples of the faith, to strip her own name from reality so that it could not be spoken so as none may stir Hecate in her dream’s and to promise once she could awake again she would rejoin humanity and share in creation with them.

But even in her slumber Hecate tortures humanity, her dreams turning into what is known as the astral realm to tempt humanity from the physical world were they are safe, her nightmares becoming deamons to plague others and tempt them to weave her songs into their souls. But the goddess did not leave humanity undefended as any who find the love for her in their souls may make use of a fraction of her power to cleanse the deamon away and purge the mage from the land.

Those she shared knowledge of her true origin with went on to form the church and it’s many sects, working to spread the faith of the Goddess assured that when all corners of the world find love for her in their souls she will awaken, strip the mages of the foul song of Hecate saving their souls and be reborn into mortal form and all will find peace with her.

Symbol: A white external flame, within it a layer of red flame and at it’s core the figure of a women wreathed in gold.

Portfolio: Dominion, Humanity, Unity, Fire, Order, Anti-Mage, Hope,


  • The Faith must be spread
  • Love the Goddess for she is the salvation of Mankind.
  • Obey her words, for she will lead you into the light of the future
  • Heed her wisdom, for she will protect you from evil
  • Abhor the Witch and the Mutant
  • Abhor the bending of reality by the false prophets, who murdered the Goddess
  • Abhor the false gods, there is only the Goddess
    *Abhor the spirits and deamon, they will lead the faithful astray
  • Revere those who fight in the Goddess name
  • Revere those who speak in the Goddess name
  • Work together, for the individual is weak, the legion is strong
  • Assist the downtrodden, for the leper today is the Paladin of tomorrow

Clergy and Temples:


Despite being known as a single church the faith is in truth a mass collection of factions that share a common belief structure , each with their own traditions, ways of worship and ceremonies bound together in the shared worship of a single goddess. The church’s organization is separated into “Sects” each that follows the leadership of a “Daughter” or ‘Son” who is seen to speak with the authority of the goddess her self. These sects represent an aspect of the church from defending the faith, to collecting relics and recording history and even passing out food and medicine to others aswell as the most commonly seen act of converting others.

These sect leaders are what makes up the “Ruling House” of the church who decide on the religious laws that all must follow and detail the way the church shall focus it’s energy’s. It is from these members that the “Speaker” is chosen by a vote upon the death of the last who is said to commune with the goddess herself and who’s word is law to the church.

Below the sons and daughters of the church are the various roles that are reacquired by each sect to operate and while some sects will be made of a single role or a collection of multiple the sects commonly work together to fulfill their objectives if one sect is found wanting in one area or another:

Templar: A warrior who is devoted to protecting the faithful and striking out against the wicked.

Shield-maiden: A all female order of warriors who act on the behave of the speaker and when called will act as the personal guard of the true goddess.

Consulate: A priest or priestess who interacts with both the faithful or the unfaithful and attempts to convert them.

The Scorned: Mages who have repented and joined the church.
Acolyte: A trainee who is attempting to join one of the orders.
Faithful: The endless mass of worshipers.

Common Prayers:

  • Goddess protect us

Holy Days:

  • The Day of Rebirth: A celebration of the day to come when the Goddess will return to lead humanity.


  • Sect of the Red Rose
  • Sect of the White Rose
  • Sect of the Black Rose
  • Sect of the Golden Flame
  • Sect of the Reborn Lady
  • Sect of the Tempered Scorned

The True Goddess

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