“Born” normally in the inhospitable cold of the north or deep within the mountains where none choose to travel to, it is theorized but never proven by scholars that the Tenebris are created when magic lies heavily in area’s of absolute cold, long enough that it seeps into the ice and snow giving it life and thought over periods of hundreds of years. But if the Tenebris themselves are to be believed they are born from the will of Aggarath herself, created with the purpose to preserve the past , and while this can mean many things most choose to preserve artifacts and knowledge encasing it in ice so it may survive the passage of time so that the past can never be forgotten and it’s mistakes never repeated.

The truth of the matter will likely never be revealed as the Tenebris care little for the origins of their own race strangely for a race of historians and collectors. This can mainly be attributed to the fact that there is no history as the Tenebris keep none of their own, they build no city’s keep no records or even take power in other nations, and there are few historians who can be named that have attempted to record the deeds of these people as none of the ice-folk seem willing to share and few of the mortal races are hardy enough to travel to the deepest mountains or the far uncharted north to discover the so called “Tenebris breeding grounds”

Currently the Tenebris like so many of the elemental races are facing a genocide against their ways and numbers for the Church of the New God has claimed the lands of Aggarath are “infected” with a disease. Claiming that their god had created the world for it’s followers alone any race or god who claims dominion over the lands is seen as heresy to be purged. And while the Church does not have the power to take on the varied gods of the lands they have begun to purge the Midlands of Tenebris, Ignis and Asrai in an attempt to assert their control over nature itself.

Physical Description: Made completely of ice with veins of water running beneath their hard skin, the Tenebris stand regularly as tall as a man or an elf with the features of both if they choose to as the Tenebris can slowly shift their appearance over time to what ever they desire making them one of the most drastically different race when compared to each other. And while most will choose the features of those around them to assist in assimilating older more Tenebris are known to master this ability and drastically alter their appearance; growing extra limbs, change shape entirely and other methods.

Lifespan: Spawning in the form of a adult humanoid it is not known how long the race exists nor when they die. Individuals claiming to be the same person appear over centuries, what is claimed by the Tenebris is that they at moments in their time feel a compulsion to return to the dark cold places that spawn them and without their known centuries have passed them by.

Society: Imprinting themselves onto the first sentient being they encounter, Tenebris will regularly adopt the ideology and traditions of their parent race, assimilating themselves into their host culture, so as to better embrace and learn of the legends and myths that may lead them to relics of the past efficiently becoming “experts” in the past of certain cultures.

while they will embrace a single culture as their own most will attempt to surround themselves with beings of varied races and origins to learn if only briefly of other legends and history that will lead them onto new journeys in search of the past. These beings they regularly interact with, once trust has been earned, will normally be embraced as extended family

Relations: Regularly interacting with other races in their instinctual search for relics and items of power or history, Tenebris make sure to cause as little friction as possible with other races so they do not hide the secrets of the past.

Religion: Born of the natural world, most Tenebris choose to give what little prayers they can spare to the Colossus’s the forgers of existence itself regularly seeing them as their spiritual, and rarely physical, fore-fathers. This gives them the feeling that their mission is a holy edict of the gods and will do what is necessary to fulfill this mission often weighing the balance of acquiring relics and subverting some evil.


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