Once the secret police of the elven empire, they would seek out trouble makers and those who would drift from social norms, taking them away to hidden enclaves were they would be re-educated at best and executed at worst in an attempt to keep the social order that the Elfan preferred. Considered a fauilre once the human rebellion began they were cast out from the empires fold to their homeland, which today is called in modern times the Khalazar wasteland to improve upon themselves for the coming of the rebellions fall. But thw word to return was never sent and the Sarasen continued to train and change themselves via magic to better serve when they were once more called to action.

Mixing their own blood with that of snakes to gain some of their abilities, they were not discovered until a mercenary group blasted their way into the hidden facility unleashing the Sarasen into the modern world. While a select few found it interesting to serve no master and left to become free-men others rebelled against the new world becoming bandits and assassins for higher putting their long taught skills to use while secretly looking for ways to return the elves to dominance.

Physical Description: Mixing their blood with that of reptiles the Sarasen’s skin has become rough dry scales that change color to their personal preference, their small eyes are a pale yellow with black hair usually kept long. While their teeth are normal for omnivores they exhibit four long thin fangs were their carnivores would normally be placed. Unusually thin most Sarasen will only weight at maximum 120 pounds with an average height of 5;11 making them extremely thin and dexterous.

Lifespan: For those few who study into the nature of the Sarasen the knowledge of their aging is one strangely kept a close secret. Reaching their physical prime at 18, the Sarasen will loose color in their scales over time becoming albino in the last years of their existince at 80.

Society: Capitulating on their natural abilities of stealth, most have become thieves and assassins for hired, selling their skills to anyone who will pay. This has turned them from loyal assassins of a forgotten empire to deft merchants. While some will always stay on the move in search of contracts it is not unheard of for many to build elaborate bases in large city’s to establish assassin guilds with even a rarer few returning to their old ideology of secret police for any king or tyrant that catches their eye.

Relations: Seen with suspension to their sudden appearance and their flaunting of their elven origin they are both hated and loved for their skills in stealth having become a lucrative commodity on the black market with many fearing the sudden piercing of their blades giving them a dark but earned reputation.

Religion: With a small number giving thanks to the Old elven gods, most will give sacrifice to the silent king of the dead or the Faceless one, gods of darkness who favor those who work in the darkness. Willing to sell their skills to anyone most care little for who their blades meet with only a small number of their kind actually killing for one reason or another.


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