While the term is used in modern times to describe any individual, no matter their race, who lives within the Sanctus Imperium. The original term Sancti is in direct reference to the various human tribes that took residence in the plain lands of southern Aggarath who would be the founding race of the Sanctus Imperium after the rebellion against the elven empire.

Before uniting under a single flag, the Sancti were split among hundreds of hostile but minor tribes and clans that spent the majority of their times patrolling their claimed territory in massive caravans, periodically sending out raiding party’s against each other to steal much needed resources and playing at war as modern Sancti would call it in rapid periods of sudden expansion. The Sancti would be among the final hold-outs of humans to remain free from elven enslavement as their mobile nature made it difficult for elven forces to track and assault them.

Forced into chains like much of the human race, the Sancti with their military taticum had gained a small level of respect from their elven counterparts, paired with their willingness to kill other humans saw them indicted into the elven forces as slave-guards and light infantry. They would serve this role gaining many freedoms not afforded to the other human races, slowly using their influence as a military unit to build their own force in secret, smuggling their warriors away and reporting them as KIA to the elves who would quickly see them replaced creating a cycle that would see the humans grow in power and establish their own nation in secret.

Once humanity rebelled with the power of the dragon gods, the Sancti were among the driving forces with fully trained army’s leading the assault against the elves until the end of the war and the onset of winter wiping out the young human civilizations.

Returning to their clan ways after the 200 year winter subsided the Sancti encountered numerous elven city states which threatened to return to the days of old elven power and while some would attempt negotiating peace as their numbers were to few to fight another war the elves would slaughter all diplomatic party’s sent to meet them. It was this action, the slaughter of a diplomatic party that would give drive to the man who would become Cadmus the Liberator to take control of his people, conquering the tribes and slaughtering the elves in vengeance, claiming himself emperor and birthing the Sancti Imperium.

Physical Description: The typical Sancti stand at 5’6” tall with some members ranging up to 6ft in rare cases. Skin tone’s were originally a soft olive skin tone but years of interbreeding with other humans races have left them varied with skin color assumes a darker hue the closer to the southern border one comes to with the only similarity among them are the silver veins that appear on one’s limbs. And while magical augmentation to change ones eye and hair color is popular, most Sancti are born normally with black or brown hair with rarer cases of blonde witch is seen as a sign of a natural born leader, red a mark of a natural born warrior, and silver showing magic runs heavy heavily in their veins.

Lifespan: With magic heavy in their blood, the Sancti live in the prime of their lives for the majority of their 90 year lifespan. Reaching physical maturity at 16 at which time they are considered adults.

Society: The love of a challenge alone drives the Sancti to better themselves and their lot in the world, while most other races see them as aggressive and warmongering the Sancti see themselves as progressive, always seeking the answer to a mystery or a new enemy to conquer as with each challenge they are given a reason to better themselves, to break the limits posed upon them from birth. It is for this that Sancti rarely care for ones social statues, wealth or birth right giving little respect for those who rely on these things. Instead they respect the self-made man who took greatness with the sweat of his own brow ignoring the mans race and seeing only his deeds, a prime reason why there is no form of nobility in the Sanctus Imperium.

Forgoing tradition for progression when it benefits them as a whole, Sancti regularly integrate other races cultures and methods into their own, taking the best of what they find and disposing of the rest ignoring traditions that would hold them back in any field, with if one looks close enough signs of duarga, elven and various other human traditions either altered or enhanced to meet the desires of the Sancti themselves mixed in with their natural culture.

Because of this belief Sancti rarely make an emotional connection with beasts, structures, or equipment, as others do instead preferring to replace them the moment there is a more efficient stronger method or device , but that does not mean they throw away what has been useful to them instead; these resources are re-purposed so as nothing would go to waste; ex: a war beast being sent to a farm to help grow crops once it has grown to old or a shield melted down and reforged into another form of tool once a stronger form of protection is gained.

Relations: Sancti are fecund, and their drive and numbers often spur them into contact with the other races during their occasional bouts of territorial expansion and colonization. In many cases, this tendency leads to violence and war which they welcome , yet Sancti are also swift to forgive and forge alliances with races and people who do not try to match or exceed them. Proud, sometimes to the point of arrogance due to their accomplishments the Sancti see other races as needing either guidance for they do not know of their own potential, or in need of the sword for they would step in the way of the Sancti’s manifest destiny.

Religion: The Sancti are among the most united of all the human races, with a moral compass that points towards what ever will benefit not only themselves but those they consider their allies no matter how evil or good it is considered by others. They are able to accomplish this unity by their national faith of the Imperial Saints who were once mortals like them, and while they respect the other faiths the idea that if one remains faithful and productive they to will join the ancestors to guide their descendants or even become a saint keeps them tethered to the Imperiul Cult.


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