The Great North

The last step of civilization in the northern territory’s that are known to the people of Aggarath, it is cut off from the rest of the continent by the Votak River, which was forged by the elves to cover their retreat in ancient times as humanity pushed further and further. What civilization exists hides away in massive walled city’s or hidden conclaves as while the day is benign the night belongs to a force that blocks out the light from the stars and moons, twisting the land into a hellscape only to change back once the sun returns.

The Middlands

Once the mighty nation of Tholia that controlled the center of the continent, the last known king of Tholia died to mysterious circumstances, leading his two remaining sons to declare the other a murderer and civil war broke the back of the nation. In modern times after generations of civil war the nation of tholia is a forgotten memory known only in story’s, and while a few nations have arisen to cement their power the vast majority of the land is fought over by petty kingdoms and warlords.

The Civilized West

Said to be the origin of modern human civilization, the land is wrought with valuable mineral deposits, pleasant weather, fertile land and few violent monstrous creatures but with this peace has brought a violent history, with the most recent events of the fracturing of Theneria and the San Gaou invasion has left most of the land barren of minor towns and city’s.

The Waring South

Little in the way of resources, surrounded by violent beasts and turbelent weather caused by magically tainted lands have created a violent and brutal land that has given birth to two of the largest empires on the known contineant, The militant Sanctus Imperium and the Religious Khalazar Wasteland who’s wars have lasted for centuries and still no winner has been declared.

The Far Islands

Protected from the turbulent wars and history of the continent, the far Islands are poor in natural resources but rich in history as many a elven ruin has survived the Great Winter that scoured the remnants of the civilization from the Continent.

The Hidden Paths

Scored away within the hard to reach places of the world, the Hidden Paths are mysterious locations that none truly have claim over as no living mortal can claim to have even a sample of the knowledge required to master these lands.


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