Spirits are always around us, separated from mortal kind only by the thin veil that holds between the Astral and mortal realms. But death is one of the few instances that creates a bridge between the realms, and at that moment spirits may cross over and while a single death cannot allow more then a few small spirits to wander through these small holes in the veil on rare occasions it does attract the attention of strong willed beings who cross over by sheer force of will. When these being experience the mortal realm for the first time, unsure of it’s solid unchanging nature, they become confused and seek out almost by instinct the nearest vessel or container which can hold their presence to ground themselves in reality, usually it becomes the body of the individual who’s death created the rip in the veil itself but in doing so they loose all sense of what they were before but become something new.

The possessed awaken from the grave only have a mere remembrance of what they once were, a memory of a faded dream at most. The being is no longer a spirit but a new being, born from death itself, this being has only the faintest idea of what they are, they feel the pull of their original wants, the need to feed off of powerful emotions, attracted to magic and those who carry it in their veins but are unable to fulfill these hungers. While at the same time their minds contain the faintest memory’s of their body’s previous life, echoes of a dream that was the body’s existence.

Many of the Possessed feel empty inside and wander endlessly seeking to fill the hole left inside themselves, this means many different things to them, with some hording magical items to “feed” off of the radiant energy which they describe as bathing in starlight, while others surround themselves with friends to enjoy the emotions that roll off of them. The only thing that is certain is that the Possessed are an anomaly in the world that few understand and accept with many seeking out to destroy these unique beings out of anger and superstition.

Physical Description: The possessed take in the appearance and race of the body that was taken by the spirit. The spirit maintains the body from rotting but they become pale and death like their body’s cold to the touch, with those who die in battle often bearing the unbleeding injuries that originally killed them.

Lifespan: As the being is created at the moment of death, the possessed exists until the spirit is forcibly removed from the body, lets go or the body is unable to sustain the spirit any longer. This varies depending on the state of the body at death and if they were mage-born with most able to exist for a mere four or five years before the body rejects the spirit.

Society: The Possessed are a caring people as they tend to feel the emotions and pain of those around them and so attempt to keep others happy and in good health which wins them many friends and ally’s. While they do not congregate or seek each other out on purpose it is not unknown that when they meet the possessed will instantly notice the bond shared between each other and will wander together simply because of their connection.

Relations: The Possessed are seen by many as undead abominations akin to vampires, zombies and lich’s with many religious organizations outright hunting them at all times for their unintentional desecration of corpses. The mages though who understand their true nature constantly seek them out seeing them as a window into a world they know little about. But the common folk a superstitious lot, see the Possessed as cursed beings who it is better not to do business with or interact with them.

Religion: While they do not worship the gods in a traditional sense, many of the possessed feel a familiarity that rings within their “soul” when they hear the preaching or see the iconography of certain gods of vastly different faiths, enough that the possessed pay atleast a moniker of respect to all faiths they find but never truly devoting themselves to a single one.

Male Names: Justice, Rage, Honor, Pride, Sloth, Endurance, Stone, Flame, Duty, Valor,

Female Names: Love, Hope, Greed, Lust, Air, Mercy, Faith, Compassion


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