Before the elves fell they had built great city’s that defied logic, And while some were built out of the simple aspect of showing their power and influence others were made for a singular purpose to benefit the empire in some manner. For the city of Nabreus it was the later, formed beneath the silver sea its waters heavy with corrupting magical energy the city was home exclusively to elves its purpose considered to important for even a single slave to be given a home here. Built entirely from a mettaloid developed by the elves beneath the magically tainted waters of the Silver sea, the city was designed to pull in water separating the magic from the sea and via large pipes that ran the sea floor to the surface transferred vast quantity’s of pure liquid magic for use by the empire.

Once the rebellion had been lost and the 200 year winter was unleashed, the city was cut off from the surface. Unable to gain supply’s from the surface due to damage to the city’s teleportation network , the elven inhabitants had only a single recourse but to use their vast magical reserves to change themselves to survive their new underwater domain. Once the ice lifted and the city was free to communicate with the surface once more, scouts were sent to find that all knwolege was lost of their kind and with a deep hatred of elves still lingering in many a place, the elves took a new name for themselves trying to put as much distance between them and their surface relatives as possible to avoid any more conflict on their already low numbers.

Today they scour the world for old elven relics in attempts to repair the damages their home city have endured while attempting to fix the many wrongs the elves have been forced to endure, with focus on helping their people live alongside not against the other races, for this they commonly act as ambassadors and middle men between the elven races and others and have commonly used their underwater city as neutral ground between forces of influence.

Physical Description: With layer of smooth scales making up their skin, that expel an oil when in air to keep them hydrated the Pistris are commonly refereed to as mer-flok by others. Their scales due to the oil are always tinted with a sheen that enhances the color of their scales which shift in color from black, blue, green, yellow and other natural colors that would blend into the ocean. They are unusually tall for an elven race standing at their highest 6ft4. With a series of frills on the sides of their neck that while it folds against their skin on the surface extends outward to collect oxygen from the water.

LifeSpan: Unlike other forms of elven descent the Pistris does not remain in their prime for the majority of their life, instead they reach their prime at 45 and slowly degrade until their 80’s where most will die of natural causes.

Society: Unwilling to leave their city but wishing to return to their original form one day, the Pistris dedicate a large faction of their society to unearthing lost technology and magic to repair it for this they know they cannot do it alone and make great strives to have diplomatic ties with others to further their goal. Because of this youth are commonly taught multiple languages and how to interact with others in a respective manner creating a society of diplomats.

Relations: Considered to be a neutral people they have ambassadors in every major nation and faction wishing to create a web of allies to protect them and assist in their goals. With a lack of knowledge of their elven ancestry most people see them with open arms as they will do much to gain favor with others.

Religion: Knowledge of their traditional elven gods lost to time, the Pistris respect knowledge, peace and understanding rather then the gods. Focusing on improving their own society and others then the fererent faith of those who will not intervene in the common man lives. Commonly they will act as ambassadors rather to act as middle men then take a side as they understand nothing is black and white but shades of grey.


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