Tradesmen and Merchant Guilds

  • The Eternity Vault: A banking guild that once worked closely with the Silverian council to establish the diedem. Only holding office in a single city of OldKeep, their influence is still felt throughout the lands as they back a multitude of small business’s and mercenary organizations and many nobles and kingdoms take on loans from them, with those defaulting soon seeing their enemy’s and competition being funneled money from the bank.
  • Silverian Council: A group of influential traders from a multitude of different kingdoms, who once attempted to created a international currency with some success. Controlling most of the secure overland trade routes, forcing most trade guilds to pay a fine, the Silverian council deal in everything from weapons to slaves shifting their wares drastically depending on the current market in an area.
  • The Dragon-flask Corporation: The main forgers and distributes of civilian-grade firearms on the continent. Once a small woodcrafters guild the corporation gained their blue-prints from a hostile takeover of a series of duarga blacksmithers and forges who once worked closely with sanctus forge-caste, they immediately converted their entire work force from making high class furniture to crafting weapons. While they sell to hunters and mercenary’s company aplenty the corporation has gained a poor reputation of sitting up trouble in area’s from behind the scenes only so they can sell weapons to both sides of the conflict fueling the aggression.
  • The Druids Circle Traders: A overland caravan guild, the druids circle specializes in farming equipment, both exotic and mundane plants, basic alchemical supply and beasts, both breeding and taming. The traders are known to frequently strike up deals to fund and equip newly formed villages on the edge of known civilization for a percentage of a rare local valuable natural resource.
  • Red Shield Caravans: If something needs to be moved you go to the Red Shields. A longstanding caravan guild employed normally by nobles and the paranoid alike. The Red Shields have permanent contracts with dozens of mercenary groups that act as elite guards for their caravans aswell as paying protection fee’s to many a raider group in addition to their no questions asked policy making them among the most trusted messengers and movers of rare goods on the continent.
  • Slavers of the Collar: Named for the mountain fortress they claim to have deep within the Korgathi and known for their trained slaves, the Slavers of the collar do not deal in a mass untrained workforce as lesser slaver guilds do but instead train their slaves to be completely loyal to who ever holds their contract and are trained for years by outside specialists in their task making elite soldiers, masterful scribes and skilled courtesans.
  • Mages Spice: Owned by mage-born for mage-born, Mages Spice offers their services exclusively to mage-born across the continent no matter their race, religion or political affiliation aslong as their money is good. Selling and transporting rare alchemical supplies, magically grown servants, magical equipment, and other such services to those who can pay ,they also have several special services such as a referral service which puts mage-born in search of apprentices or research partners in contact with one another and regular postings about mundanes looking for the services of the magically gifted.
  • Ironstone Craftsmen: A Duarga owned guild that operates mainly on the surface, the Ironstone craftmen work in construction hiring out legions of skilled duarga blacksmith’s carpenters, armor smiths, weapon forgers and architectures to who ever will pay. While they make a meager sum in general goods and weapon forging the Ironstone’s make the majority of their coin from from custom jobs making astonishing works of art, impenetrable city walls, efficient mines and other such works.
  • Surveyors Corps: A work force of rangers, druids and explorers, the surveyor corps mainly wander the less traveled paths of the world making maps and discovering raw resources which location they would then sell while taking note of local dangers to warn others. Villages, kingdoms and other merchant guilds frequently hire them to scout beyond the maps of the world seeking new places to form villages, new resources to exploit and unknown paths to move forces.
  • The Traders Alliance: Not a single organization but a collection of hundreds of small caravans and business, the traders alliance was founded to help small business compete against their larger competition. While joining the alliance forces one to give up 5% of their profits as a membership fee most find it negligible since they gain access to discount supplies and services from their fellow traders which allows them to sell more at a better price which converts into more business for them.
  • Blood Banks: Well known but never advertised, except for the magically hidden runes placed upon their owned buildings, the Blood Banks service the darker elements of society. Buying and selling cursed items, illegal drugs, monsters.The Blood banks are constantly shut down and persecuted by religious groups for their creation and selling of forbidden magical goods but often even if all evidence of them were purged it never takes long for a new place of operations to spring up in it’s place.
  • Statesmen Scribes and Archives: Hired by nobles and common man alike, the Statesmen for a fee act as lawyers in business deals, trade talk, marriage negotiations and everything in between, keeping extremely detailed records of every deal they have ever been apart of, every transaction and contract signed by their clients going back hundreds of years making them also among the most reliable of informants for while spies can lie money never does.

Academic Organization

  • Scribes of the Lost Scrolls: Archeologists, historians, doctors and other learned men who have learned to move past the shallow ideals of race, religion or political ties, the Scribes believe in only a single truth, Knowledge. It is for this that they travel the world seeking out the old ruins and facets of the past to rediscover the lost technology’s and magical knowledge of ancient civilizations. Because of this they harbor one of the largest library’s and reliquary’s of old technology and magic in the world, a fact that they are constantly harassed over by many a faction for the scribes practice true neutrality hiding away what they discover in their headquarters granting it only to those who they believe are worthy, no matter what those individuals plan on using such knowledge for.
  • Watchtower of Magi:

Martial Orders

  • The Black Hand:
  • The Five: While the Middlands constant source of conflict since the start of their civil war has seen the birth of thousands of minor mercenary bands, most only comprising of either a few dozen to a few hundred. A group of five have endured the passage of time an dhave grown to such size that they repersent the largest military forces in the middlands to date with even the smallest of the Five, the Blue Sharks, having a force of 6,000 which can match even some of the major nations of the Middlands.

Middland Mercenary Groups: While not as large or as powerful as The Five, these mercenary forces make up the majority of smaller conflicts in the middlands while The Five are called on only for major wars between the largest of the Petty Kingdoms.

Secret Organizations

  • Order of Ouroboros


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