Kingdoms and Nations

The Great North

  • The False Kings: As the Tholian civil war broke out many mages fled the war seeing their own kind being turned into nothing but biological weapons. With some heading north they used their magical ability to build vast city’s of stone walls and light stones to protect the people from the Darkness. These mages descendants having become petty kings rule over the few bastions of civilizations that exist in the north.
  • The Davrash Tribes: The original inhabitants of the Great North, they are those who were not accepted into the city and continue to live within the nightmarish land within hidden conclaves and small outposts. These survivalists constantly make war with their city cousins in attempt’s to take control of the safety of the city’s.

The Middlands

  • Clostra: The Sea-Lords: Hidden away in the northern corner of the middlands were little grows, the ansecstors of the modern Clostrans where refugee’s who seeked to escape the fighting of the civil war. But due to a lack of resources the people eventually took to attacking other nations for resources forging a brutal culture that is meant to survive anything.
  • Velthath:The True Domain Once one of the many Petty kingdoms that fight in the middlans, Veltath was united by a single faith, that of the True Goddess and fights to spread this faith across the known world, first by swallowing the petty kingdoms one after another and one day turning to the major nations of the middlands.
  • The Great City’s and Petty Kingdoms: Various small barony’s, kingdoms, Queendoms and warlords each declaring themselves the true heir to the throne of Tholia their borders shift and vanish with every year as none have the power to last a generation or two before a enemy conquers them and then is usurped by another power then fractured by civil war. Some have lasted for more then a generation and have formed themselves into City-states and bastions of calm amoung the ongoing war.

The Civilized West

  • Alsaro Republic A alliance made in the response to the fall of Tholia and the rise of Sanctus, the republic is made of 50 great houses who their ruler is elected from. The nation while once prosperous has been recovering from the mage rebellion and the San Gou invasion leaving them a desperate and weakened state which their endless game of political battles between the 50 houses has done nothing to improve.
  • Theneria: Born from the Mage Rebellions of the Alsaro Republic, the nation was formed from mages who felt themselves abused by the Alsaro’s political games and split off to form their own where magical power equal’s political. Mimicing a housing system like the republic to control and increase the number of mage-born the nation has made great strides in magical research and in recent years have made military gains into Alsaro taking half of their territory.
  • Twin Sky-city’s: A series of islands floating above the mountains and chained to the ground, the city’s population is mysterious as none travel to or from with only in recent centuries have guests been allowed inside.

The Warring South

  • Sanctus Imperium A extremely militant empire formed by the warrior-king Cadmus to fight off the remnants of the elven empire after the Great Winter. The caste based empire has expanded rapidly in the past two centuries due to their advancements in magitek making them one of the largest military forces on the continent.
  • Khalazar: A collection of religious city-states that control the wasteland, they share a belief that all religions are different methods of worshiping the same true god. Through this faith they are controlled by the Blessed lords and wish to expand their faith by absorbing others but are stopped by their only neighbor the Sanctus Imperium.

The Far Islands

  • Uteos: A collection of minor Islands and the birth-place of the Drakal race, Uteos was home to the navy of the elven empire which has quickly been adopted by the scientifically minded Drakal who seek to gather and advance knowledge using their ships as a trade fleet to wander the world and gather knowlege in their homeland.
  • Zuchthaus: A island bought by the ancestor of the First Warden believing it to hold a gold deposit but found to be barren, it was quickly turned into a massive prison complex where other nations and city’s can send their prisoners for a price keeping everything from political prisoners, hostages and murderers within it’s walls until they can sell the prisoners as slave or tests subjects to other nations for weapon programs and magical experiments.

Forsaken East

  • Magal Dynasty: Once a free nation of nomadic horse-lords in constant struggle with the Magalian mega-city state’s, the nation has diminished as the Arch-Mage Gabriel took command of the nation by force. The city’s now ruled by Mage-Lords hide in fear of the Curas of the plainlands who raid and kill everything they come into contact with.
  • Ghrisian Dominion: A once powerful nation formed from the remnants of the Akoma Empire that conquer as it followed the western star, their eventual invasion of Magal saw a unending horde of the Horse-Lords turn their nation into a battleground where all aspects of culture have been purged in lye of survival.
  • Wildehurst: A small territory in the northern most part of Magal, it is a cursed land where beasts walk akin to men who are as nothing but prey for all. Even the famed warriors of Magal refuse to cross into these plains.

Kingdoms and Nations

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