The lands that are known as the wasteland were not always desert but were once a verdant jungle land that was the home for the first human tribes to land upon the shores of Aggarath from their unknown homeland. At first the people of Khalazar flourished as a kingdom under the rulers of their gods who they say lived among them in the flesh, but the ancient elves allowed no others to rule over humanity but themselves and placed these gods into a deep slumber beneath the land itself. With their gods gone the land slowly was consumed by desert turning it into the wasteland that is known today with a once unified people scattered to wander the wastes.

Water being the richest industry in the wasteland most of the major city’s are built on the coasts, were they purify sea water for drinking, or on oasis within the desert so they may exploit the scant water but as these settlements tend to be ruled by either the so called “dread kings” or attract the attention of dangerous desert beasts many choose to live the lives of nomadic caravan’s wandering the desert creating a separate culture when compared to those who live within the city’s.

Those who live in the city are famously advicits of religion no matter the faith, with vast domes and sacrificial temples dotting the citys that line the coast. It is a common belief that all religions are one and the same, that the name of god is his own and it is mortals job to discover his nature creating a society of mixed religions that openly worship many pantheons. But this religious freedom comes at a cost as the “Dread Kings” who rule the city’s have become the head of all church’s, atleast in their own citizens eyes, and have little tolerance for the “false pretenders” of other nations. And because of this it has led to frequent war with their neighbor to the west the Sanctus Imperium.

These city dwellers unfortunately paint the outlook of Khalazariens for the nomadic people of the wastes to outsiders. Compared to their city dwelling cousins the nomad’s of the desert live by a sect of rules they call the “Haqan”a structure of life that enables them to survive in the desert which advocates being kind of one another, providing assistance to any you travel past and refusing to allow others in your sight be harmed if you can stop it. As a benevolent but fierce people they travel the wastes scavenging from ruins carrying exotic goods to city to city, some even staking out and leaving the wasteland were their mercantile skills make many a man rich.

Physical Description: Considered short even among the human races, Khalazariens rarely reach above 5ft 8 with most being among 5ft 5 with light hair tones usually beocming snow white and paired with bright red eyes. A desert folk their skin tones range from generally to light or moderate brown, brownish, or tannish skin.

Lifespan: With medical knowledge greatly surpassing that of other human nations most khalzariens will live until their 90s remaining in their prime until they reach their 60’s.

Society: Matriarchal in nature, women and men hold equal power in most aspects in life but women hold the most influence with a mindset that they are far superior in the skills of negotiating and killing making them esteemed leaders and warriors.

Relations: Isolated from the rest of the continent because of their position as the southern most lands, most only know the khalazariens by reputation, usually that of being religious fanatics or bandit scavengers. People who known them personally see them as a proud people with a rich history but their relations with their neighbors the Sancti have soured in the past 5 years do to a prolonged war against them that neither side seems to be winning.

Religion:Due to their outlook on religion were all gods are simply a facet of a single divine being, the khaklazariens have a deep respect of all faiths but due to their leaders claiming to be the head of the church of their gods they do not recognize the authority of foreign church leaderships while at the same time giving a healthy respect for the lesser priests and Templar of the gods.


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