For a meager time the Ironbloods were like so many of their brethren, enslaved to the elves of old, but they would not remain as this. A warrior people even before the mass exodus of their race to Aggarath they took the chains placed upon them by the elves and strangled their masters to death. Escaping the farms, mines they were sentenced to, the ironbloods moved to the mountains flowing into the tunnels that once belounged to the Duarga, there they found an army of starved half beaten elves and let loose their rage upon them claiming a city, called Torma in their tounge, for themselves and cutting the elves stil in the tunnels off from the surface. This would enable the duarga to hunt down the few remaining elves in their home and reclaim the stone for themselves, with thanks the Duarga gave onto the Ironbloods the city they had liberated, a city that would become their ancient home and change them for all time.

The city was a masterpeice of magical technology, some stolen from the elves and others developed by the Duarga. Powered by a “spirit engine” which was fueled by consuming spirits of fire that inhabited the magma drenched caves the city was consumed by background magical energy while harmless did suffer a change to the Ironbloods physical body’s, one which was welcomed by them as it made them all the more intimidating which in the eyes of a warrior people was more then acceptable.

A southern folk the Ironblood commonly leave their home of Torma to enlist in mercenary company’s, or create their own, raider groups or any organization that would help them find combat for it is their goal in life to meet the gods with as many souls claimed as possible as they believe they can buy their way past the gods if they have enough souls to outweigh their own soul giving them a carefree attitude when it comes to life.

Physical Description: With the males standing at 6ft3 on average with females at 5ft11 with skin of varying metallic colors (such as gold, bronze, and silver) with a small number of red glowing veins that push against the skin, fire magic that has built up over time in their body, and vivid eyes with colors like violet, red, silver, or yellow. Their hair range sin color from white, black and rarely gold which is normally worn in braids around their horns which can number anywhere from two up to eight with two always being dominant and large while the others are smallish complementary horns.

Lifespan: The fire mana running rich in their blood, the inbalance of mana causes them to quickly grow in strength as they age but will degrade quickly once they reach the age of 75 seeing their strength leave them and giving them a low expectancy of 80 on average.

Society: You keep what you kill, the foundation of their culture and people that harkens back to the days when they first stepped onto the shores of Aggarath, while few understand how a people can be fine with each other killing it is not as simple as that. The rule is a deceleration that if one wants something they must be prepared to fight and kill for it if they must, a driven but single minded people they usually hold nothing back in their goals for life giving them a almost charming energy that few can resist. And while they will not jump at each other for the right to kill one another they are not afraid, and in some cases, look forward to violence.

Relations: As they hire themselves out to fight the wars of other races most see them as warmongers but unlike the Sancti who are seen as organized warriors who can be trusted Ironbloods are seen as raiders, bandits and warlords who care little for who they kill.

Religion: As their way of warriors gods of war, combat and victory attract many of the Ironblood but they are equally known to worship gods of fire as it is fire magic that gave them their appearance today.


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