All things must end, that is the way of the world and the Ignis. Born from rivers of fire beneath the world, the Ignis over time make their way upward through forgotten tunnels by only instinct until they reach the surface. When they finally arrive they find a world alien to them when compared to the silent stone and caves of the deep and often they will take to it like fish to water embracing the customs and ways of the closest living things. But they will not stay in any one location for long as their instincts demand of them that they continue to move, continue to seek the very thing they were born to destroy.

Born with a purpose in mind, a driving natural instinct that will force them to wander the entire world, the Ignis cannot stay in any one place for long as each was born with the drive to destroy or kill a single person/item. Not out of hate or want but because if these things were allowed to exist then they would potentially harbor in the end of the world. If not today then potentially centuries down the line.

But once they have finally destroyed their target they are free from their instincts and are allowed to finally settle down, for what little years they have left in their existence a reward that many desire but few are actually able to accomplish. It is the failure of such a Ignis that allowed the Church of the True Goddess to prosper and begin their purging of the elemntai races in the lands they hold influence.

Physical Description: A outer layer of stone making up their skin that glows with heat. Their flames change color depending of their emotions ranging from a dull blue when bored, a brilliant orange when active, or a blinding white when infuriated. The Ingnis will stand at a imposing 6ft with wide body durable body’s. To become more an individual many will use sharp implements to carve patterns into their stone skin giving them a form of body tattoo’s that often represent the story’s of their past victory’s, defeats and relationships with others.

Lifespan: Born fully formed in the body of a adult humanoid, the Ignis will continue to exist until their task is completed as they draw magic from deep beneath the earth. But the moment they are successful they are cut off from the flow of mana and continue to live for only a few years at most.

Society: Wandering for years under the surface of the world before finding a tunnel to the surface by chance, the Ingis live initial lives of solitude giving them a fierce sense of independence but a desire for the company of others after untold years of loneliness. But they are born with a purpose and are not free to do as they will until it’s done so they often will drive relentlessly to seek out what they must find so they may live their reward with others in peace.

Relations: Of the various Elementai they are strangely the most welcoming of other races, especially so when the purpose of their birth is kept in mind, actively seeking them out. Often they will use their natural abilities with fire to become much wanted blacksmiths and linchpins of villages that have need of such skill. But they will without hesitation take up a blade to defend others from injustice and are among the greatest enemy’s of the slave trade, with some circumstances seeing them becoming the leaders of knightly orders or militias that seek to end some terrible crime or ruler ship.

Religion: With most religions recurring the individual to surrender to a higher power the Ignis laugh at the idea rather they see themselves akin to the fire god Rael who they see as their father with much of his ideology fitting with their own. Traditionally fierce guardians the Ignis do not wait for the slow and often corrupt proceedings of the law taking justice into their own hands with few of their number becoming akin to their element using their strength to tower over others rather then support them.


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