One of the creations of humanity that mimicked that of the old elves experiments into creating life, experiments that were in of themselves considered highly dangerous and heretical by most. Conducted by a guild of magi comprising of necromancers, biomancers, and transmutes that worked on the edge of civilization away from the prying eyes of those who would interfere with their work. The magi devoted to not improving but surpassing elven experiments with the goal being to create the perfect race with the strength and abilities of all the races while inhibited by none of their weakness’s.

Their experiments were never finished, the mages discovered and their hideout attacked by religious fanatics most if not all the magi were killed and those few fully formed homunculus put to the fire before they could awake to defend themselves, but some of their research escaped in the hands of a young slave who would attempt to recreate the procedure only slightly succeeding decades later either by the slave or those who he sold the research to.

The beings that were created were an echo of what they were meant to be, able only to take on the essence of others. Unknown to aging or disease the Homonculas would exist from the moment of their creation until killed by force letting them outlive their creators and setting them free into the world to discover who they really are.

Physical Description: While they may take on the physical appearance of any other humanoid race their natural form is of a pale skin lithe being, with eyes of pure darkness pointed ears and hair of gray, silver, white while standing at a mere 5ft 7 on average.

Lifespan: Created only 50 years ago, it is still not known what the maximum age of the homonculas is, they do not succumb to disease and have yet to show signs of growing old so their maximum age is yet to be seen.

Society: with so few of their numbers existing and as creations of humanity there exists very few if any villages or community’s of Homonculas, rather they use their abilities to hide in the city’s, villages and civilizations of others wary as they are still hunted by the same religious fanatics that killed their forefathers years ago.

Relations: Hiding within the shadows of other races with few knowing of their true existence or origin, the heretical means of their creation make them well hated by others as they are seen as an insult to the gods or a mere elven creation meant to do some form of evil onto them.

Religion: Created by man and not the gods,they see little reason to follow the teachings of those who’s followers would condemn them. Instead they respect only a single thing; a persons word no matter the deed.


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