Gods and Religions

Major Religions

Considered to be at the moment a wide spread religion, those that fall under this category normally are either spread across a large area across multiple ethnic groups or is the official state religion of a nation.

  • Imperial Ancestor Cult: Followed primarily in Sanctus, the Imperial Cult is based around the worship of the individuals ancestors and their deeds to strengthen the empire. While all who serve the empire are venerated at death and are known to watch over their descendants, special individuals who have achieved great deeds in the name of the empire are venerated specifically and are believed to gather the souls of those who followed their lives in a similar fashion to watch over the empire as a whole instead of only their descendants.
  • The 7 Divines: The faith of old Tholia, in it’s glory days Tholia brought together the major religions of the Middlands into a single faith to create a unifying culture. For centuries it dominated as the world most widespread and practiced religion but have seen a drastic decline since the fall of Tholia.
  • The Old Way: Followed in small isolated area’s and the Great North, the Old way is a pantheon of nature gods, each representing one of the four season and passing on control from one to the other as the year go’s by. With a deep respect for nature and spirits many who live within the wilds of the world will eventually pay heed to these gods.
  • The True Goddess: Flourishing in the civilized west and some parts of the Mid-lands, this anti-mage religion has begun to spread venerating a single Goddess who towers over all of creation. This religion is fractured among many sects who share a core value of beliefs allowing them to co-exist and share a single religious government.

Paganus Faiths

Smaller faiths that venerate local deity’s, these usually do not exist outside their place of origin and usually worship a single entity, nature, a spirit, beast or other.The deity’s domain of control is usually directly involved in the continued existence of the local settlement, ex: mining towns will usually have faiths that lean towards earth and mountain gods while fishing villages will lean toward worshiping sea gods.


Hiding away in the shadows of the world, these cults usually follow dark gods either made up or based upon Deamons. Because of their darker nature they are often considered illegal or frowned upon in many society’s.

Gods and Religions

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