Free Folk

The First Men, Northerners, Free Folk, these are just some of the titles claimed by the great race of men and women who inhabit the Great North and are the direct pure descendants of the first humans to travel to the continent of Aggarath. In the Age of Blood when mankind was taken into chains by the elves a select few were able to remain free, hiding themselves in the farthest corners of civilization, living in the wilds and remaining free from the corrupting touch of magic that the elves placed upon mankind creating the races that are known today. The descendants of these people slowly migrated to the north were the elves had little influence and power after a great plague besieged their kind in the north and it was there that the Free Folk settled in their new homeland not unlike their old in the mountains of the south.

Descendants of the First Men, the Free Folk still retain many of their gifts of great strength and intelligence, both growing exponentially over their extended life span. Free Folk grow their entire lives becoming larger and larger with many of them reaching 15-20ft tall in their late 200’s, a fact that sparked the first rumors of the mythical race of giants in the north. But it is not only their strength that grows with age but their intelligence, which is both boon and curse. As they age and their minds grow in depth they mentally appear to become slow as they find it difficult to focus on a single subject as their minds begin to grasp concepts even the old elves had difficulty understanding splitting their attention between uncountable number of thoughts that make it difficult for them to focus on the reality that sits before them.

Free Folk who enter this stage of their lives are esteemed elders who others seek out for their wisdom and guidance, for their great intelligence allows them to predict events decades before it happens simply by observing the current chain of events and those surrounding them. But as they age the Free Folk’s intelligence push’s them into a coma like state as they loose track of themselves and the world, in this state the free folk slumber in massive tomb like structures attended by dozens of their younger kin who watch over the slumbering giants for their kin who visit them on occasion and prepare for their eventual deaths as they literally think themselves to death. During this time their attendants also write down and attempt to decipher the grumbling half awake words of the giants who’s words speak of grand prophecy’s hundreds if not thousands of years in advance.

Physical Description: Hardy men and women, they are of abnormal height and strength when compared to other humans with even their young being mistaken for full-grown adults of other races,at adulthood most will be of atleast 5ft 11 to 6ft4 with long hair kept in braids, which they will not cut for the majority of their lives, who’s patterns and intricacy’s hold what clan or family they come from which the color of tends to shift to darker hues such as black and brown turning grey and white with age. Due to their domains in the frozen north most have alabaster white skin unless they are of mixed blood with other races.

Lifespan: Growing stronger for their entire life, the Free Folk will enter the final stage of their life at 95 and begin their deep sleep for another decade or two before finally passing away.

Society: The free folk are a gentle, hardy people who simply wish to survive the brutal cold of the north, but this does not mean they shy away from violence with it being a social norm amoungst their kind with many outsiders seeings the raids and wars they wage on one another as hatred but it is simply out of survival with many instances of Free folk living as simple farmers and having never touched a blade in area’s were they can survive solely on what they can make.

Relations: The Free folk do not care for their southern, Midlander cousins keeping to their own with only a few of their number traveling south to raid the south of supply’s and wealth of the southern kings. Outside of these raids there is little interaction between the Free Folk and other races except for the odd priest of the True god wandering north attempting to convert them to the new faith. The only notable instance of the Free Folk involving themselves in the affairs of others was when a great southern king of the Midlands attempted to invade the north, The Free Folk came together and formed a fighting force so massive and powerful that the kings army abandoned him at the mere suggestion of having to fight such a force.

Religion: A deeply spiritual people, the Free folk worship the old gods of the Venir with great reverence seeing the old nature gods as the only faith worth their time as the Skalds of these gods live among them and perform daily rituals and miracles in their gods names. In addition they also acknowledge the Astral Realm and the many elemental spirits who dwell there having a deep connection to the spirits who are able to cross over easily in the thin veil of the north.

Free Folk

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