Born to both human and elven mothers who have been touched by corrupting forces of the Shroud, the Fell-born are cursed from the moment they entered the world. Unlike their mothers who have some natural resistance to dark magic simply by living in a world were magical energy constantly leaks around oneself, the new-born has no resistance against the taint and drinks it in like no other. When born they show no signs of the magical taint that has infected them but over time as they grow these mutations begin to show themselves, usually when puberty hits them. Once the change does come upon them it is sudden and drastic that will usually see a massive flare of dark magic spread from their body corrupting others around them causing a small plague of mutation, because of this Fell-born are detested as nothing but champions of the darkest portions of the Shroud such as Apostates leading some to journey down that path and find themselves half-way to gaining ascendancy to deamonhood.

To those who are enlightened to the ways of magic, the Fell-born is not a random mutation or a curse brought on by mad sorcery but actually is in the transition phase of an Apostate, as the Fell-born is slowly becoming a deamon itself over the extent of their if. This can be halted through the will of the Fell-born or spells that protect against corruption but as with all things that involve the Shroud it is a uphill battle as most Fell-born eventually fall to the darkness that lay-ed within them and shift ever closer to deamonhood. Because of their potential many hunt down the Fell-born in attempt to keep them fro achieving deamonhood and the knowledge is spread far and wide having that they face persecution on a daily basis.

Physical Description: Born from elven or human mothers, the Fell-born at their core resembles their original race, but by the mutations they endure their form is twisted and changes.

Lifespan: Growing as any child of a human or elven race would, the mutations either occur at birth or come on the onset of puberty. Normally the Fell-born will age at the same rate and die as their parent race but in rare circumstances they may gain some form of mutation that alters their lifespan greatly one way or another.

Society: Melding into their host society, Fell-born as anomaly’s do not have a culture of their own, instead living based off of how their curse effects them with those able to hide their darker nature able to live full lives among others even going on to succeed in life aslong as they are able to contain their curse, while some must hide within the darkest reaches on the edge of society to live if the dark magic that flows in them is pronounced in more extreme ways.

Relations: Born with dark magic naturally within them, many see the Fell-born as abnormality’s at the most and devils in disguise at the worst. Most civilized nations, such as Sanctus and Alsaro, see the curse as a disease meant to be cured and the Fell-born are simply victims. In comparison to area’s were superstition dominates the land such as the Great North and area’s were the Cult of the True Goddess rules the Fell-born are seen as demons in mortal flesh and if they are not killed at birth are hunted for the remainder of their days persecuted for their mere existence.

Religion: Born cursed of the flesh and soul, most Fell-born turn their backs on the gods who have rejected them rather putting their faith into the cold art of magic that holds a small promise of a cure. Those few who do follow the path of the gods will tend to flock towards the Imperial Cult who does not reject them but embrace’s them for their differences.


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