Considered to be among the rarest breed of elf in modern times, with many scholars believing they will be the first of the elven stock to die out. The foundation’s of the Farin breed would be formed in the days before the elven empire took form, when the individual known as the stranger visited the elven city’s spreading their knowledge of magic to the then young race. While most elves took to the arcane arts with glee some became infatuated with it’s mystery’s, becoming determined to unlock every secret of reality, they locked themselves away in mile high towers of glass, personal pocket dimensions and hidden conclaves exposing themselves to magical forces in the process of building the many wonders that the ancient elven empire was famously known for. Magical forces that would eventually turn on them.

As the elven empire took hold of the continent and a demand for magical devices to control the masses grew with each passing day, magical research once done out of a drive for learning was done at the tail end of whips. The Farin who were once honored among their people were now nothing more then second class citizens expected to toil day and night so those above could play at being a mage in their free time, a demand that with the rebellion exploded exponentially almost over night. What few freedoms and rights they had were stripped of them in lue of constant work to fuel the war effort against the rebelling humans, and with each death from overexertion the Farin grew to sympathize with the rebels with a small number even beginning to switch dies purposely sabotaging their own work to support the rebellion.

With a lack of progress in the war and their gods seemingly abandoning them, a grand ceremony was forced upon the -— by the remaining lords of the elven empire, a ritual to cross over to the realm of the gods to plead for their support once more. The ritual took the lives of ten thousand slaves and years of research until it could be attempted, resources from across the empire were gathered and relics thought myth were found to fuel it and even then it was considered a failure. The day the elven lords gathered to commence the ritual with the strongest of the Farin casters a great portal was ripped into reality for a fraction of a second before a backlash of magical energy stripped the flesh from bone of the elven lords. For the gathered Farin and all others who shared blood ties with them a magical mutation ran rampant changing them so from then till now they exist in two reality’s at once part of the material realm and part of the spirit realm.

With the lack of their lords and the rebels at their gates the elven empire fell to that of mankind and the winter hell they unleashed upon the world. Retreating with the other races into what few sanctuary’s there remained the Farin discovered to their horror that their new existence attracted the attention of daemons and other foul spirits. Fearing not only for the safety of others but that the misfortunes they caused would spark another purge of the elves so they retreated further into nature far away from the other races were they remain today.

Physical Description: Once considered to be the most attractive of the elven stock, magical change as turned them to be the smallest of the elven races with their tallest members reaching only 5ft4, Slender of body with flesh the color of granite their hair tends to shift towards various shades of gray and white. with eyes of pale yellow, silver and rarely gold.

Lifespan: Reaching maturity at the age of 17, the Farin will freeze physically remaining in their appearance and physical ability until the day the die with average life span being nearly 100 years.

Society: A quiet and reserved people the Farin prefer peaceful lives of contemplation and mental discipline avoiding extreme emotions that are directly connected to their natural gifts with magic. Content to live far off from other civilizations and races who they endanger, the Farin live lives of peace within nature, using their innate magic to work with whats around them to build their city’s and villages, tree’s expanding miles high with the bark flowing to make rooms and stairs or mountains that carve city’s from themselves.

Relations: Quarantining themselves away from the other races out of both fear of their hatred for elves and the Farens own innate magical ability that tends to create chaos. There has been little contact between the outside world and the secluded Farens to the point that most common man would not know a Faren is even a type of elf at first glance.

Religion: Unlike most of the elven races, the Farens continue to worship the original elven pantheon, but they have altered their view of the gods to be more benevolent compared to their earlier incarnations that existed during the height of the elven empire.

Male Names: Arno, Artus,Alerno, Armand, Archard,Davet, Ferrau, Burrell, Harbin, Maslin, Iven, Gaetan, Florus, Medoro,Noel, Rene

Female Names: Alcina, Aida , Adrienne, Emmeline, Lucille, Fay, Cosette, Liane, Neol, Pensee, Viollette, Voleta, Tempeste


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