Degraded by the other races by being called “High Elf” in the common tongue instead of their true title.The Elfan claim to have been the first race created by the gods to take command of the material plane in their name. Once a meager people who spent their lives in constant prayer and meditation within their small city-states, each in its entirety a church devoted to a single god, legend states that each of their city’s were visited by a stranger from the east, a man who parted to each of the city’s what would become one of the prime schools of magic teaching the elves how to manipulate the natural energy’s of the world before vanishing.

Devoid of the strangers guidance and a thirst for knowledge now sparked among the first wizards, the city-states joined together sharing resources and research to further their magical influence eventually even joining their gods together in prayer as a single pantheon. Entombed within magical advancement the elves understanding of the world grew with each passing year but as their numbers grew so did their demand for resources and with few willing to pull themselves away from research an answer was found. Using magic to answer all their problems, the elves began to change themselves physically to optimize resource gathering, changes that almost without notice began to change future generations and lay done the foundations of the caste system and what would become the elven empire.

As the changes became more prominent over generations and those born with them could not be changed to the original elven form, action was taken so that it could not be lost and further mutation did not create a monstrosity. Those few pure elves took charge and created a breeding system so aberrations could not be created from the mixing of mutations, using their vast magical knowledge to maintain the peace and establish a cruel but needed establishment. This would evolve over time from the measured treatment to keep mutations under control to outright slavery as those pure elves who managed the various ‘new’ elven races began to enjoy the feeling of superiority that wealth and magic gave them. As time passed the elven empire would go on to enslave every known race on the continent while create magical and technological wonders that have never been repeated to today, their reign would end when humanity and the other races joined together in open rebellion throwing the elves off of the thrown, in response the high elves unleashed a magical winter that lasted over 200 years decimating the world.

Physical Description: Thin that to most humans they would look fragile, the Elfan stand shoulder to shoulder with most humans with a rare few drifting past 6ft. Hair color will often be of lighter colors; blond, white ect, with eyes that herald with golden hues and soft browns that stand out from their traditionally snow white completion.

Life Span: Existing for on average 90 years with proper medical attention , the Elfan with heavy magic in their blood will remain in their physical prime for many decades beyond other races only degrading physically in the last few years of their life.

Society: Few in number when compared to the other races the Elfan are the purest of the elven stock and most closely resemble the original strain of the race that they are all descended from. Considering themselves the nobles of the elven races, many of their kind look down upon their elven brethren for having accepted the rule of the lesser beings when they should be the rightful masters of the land, while at the same time looking upon them with sorrow for the greatness that has been lost to time and their ancestors blunders. With the vast majority of the Elfan, they see themselves as being duty bound to return the glory of the old elves, their magic and technology but having cast aside the ideals of being able to enslave the other races again for they have grown to powerful. For a small minority of the race, and unfortunately for these people the rest are judge, they truly wish to return to the days of elven superiority and work in some manner to achieve this goal from undermining human efforts to actively hunting humans as raider groups or milita’s that act in the less protected lands of man kind.

Relations: Having once been the slave masters to the vast majority of the races the Elfan are viewed with dislike at best or with an air of suspicion from the other races who suspect them of constantly undermining their efforts. With their natural skills in magic providing wealth and influence over others little is done to dissuade this view but there are a number of Elfan who make the attempt of bridging the gap between races and heal the scars of the past.

Religion: Usually devoted to their original gods that protected them in the past many have begun to drift away from their traditional faiths as it has become a memory of a painful past for all. Instead many have begun to flock to the path of the New god or any of the smaller religions that have begun to rise across the lands, avoiding most of the other major religions. Because of their past and the gods they once followed most attempt to keep to the laws of the land, atleast in the public law, wishing to not give the other races more reason to persecute them any further.


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