Rumors always spread of half-elf children walking the lands, duel blood of humanity’s ambition and elven power, every drunk claims their great-grandmother was a elven lass, even the Sancti state they are descendants of half-elves who eventually became their own race but in truth half-elves have vanished from the world, atleast publicly. Those beings known as the “Half-Elves” by humanity or the “Durathan” in old elven are rare beyond count with only a single pregnancy out of 100 being viable and do not miscarry, out of these the vast majority are born dis-formed and survive for only a few days outside the womb. But there is a rare number a lucky few who are born perfect in every way imaginable taking the strength of both the race and leaving the weakness behind and they are hated for it.

Unnaturally beautiful from the moment they are born it is said they enchant anyone who looks upon them to protect and love them, some mages claim this is a defensive measure as once the child reaches their teenage years they loose this “glamore” .Once it has felled with few exceptions humans and elves naturally find the Durathan to be revolting and a source of great anger by instinct not conscious thought as if the very nature of the Durathan is rejected by their minds, it takes a great conscious effort by members of the parents race to not find the durathan a source of anger. Why this is, is not known as the study into the race is a small subject due to their few numbers, estimated to only be a little more then a thousand across the entire continent, and the fact that the mages themselves find it difficult to concentrate long enough to study the race as the Duathan’s nature makes it difficult to cast spells to examine them.

In recent years those few who make it a point to research the race and their dealings have been reporting a drastic vanishing of the races numbers that could not be rationally explained by plague, wars, natural death or other means with even a small number of these researchers vanishing into thin air aswell. But as they are seen as little importance nothing is done and few even know of the events that are passing by.

Physical Description: Unnaturally beautiful in appearance, their human blood strips away the magical changes that mark most elven races this day making a Duathan appear as a mixture of pure elven stock and human nature no matter which dynasty their elven parent comes from. Their sharp predatory features soften by human blood, Durathan tend to have hair of gold, sunset red, oak brown or other very prominent colors that seem almost alive when compared to other races, their eyes glow with a flame of gold, purple and silver that some say when staring into their eyes is akin to watching a dancing flame. Heartier then their elven parents the Durathan tend to stand around 5’9 to 5’11 feet tall.

LifeSpan: If they are able to survive to adulthood then the durathan will enjoy a life-span comparable to the other elves, reaching adulthood at 20 and dying of old age in the average of 90. But unlike the elves the Durath will not remain in their prime for the majority of their life instead degrading slowly like any human.

Society: Lacking a role in society of their own, most Duarathen become merchants, mercenary’s and bandits preferring to stay on the move as by their very nature they are hated with some instances their mere existence is enough to drive some people to kill. This has kept them a paranoid people who never truly trust one another. It is not known how the Durathan interact with each other as due to their few numbers it is possible for one never to meet another member of this elusive race.

Relations: By their very nature members of the elven and human race find the Durathan disturbing and a source of great anger with few able to tolerate their presence unless they actively concentrate on not hating them but this usually leads to anger building up and witch hunts commencing. Members of other races though such as the Duarga, the bestial races and so on have no desire to do harm to the durathan and treat them as they would any other human or elf usually without even knowing their true nature.

Religion: Dissuaded by the concept of religion by the fact of their cursed birth’s, most durathan will only pay heed to their parents gods out of respect for their family’s but have a personal outlook of “fuck the gods”.


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