Duarga the forge-kings of the mountains and tunnels, the first Duarga were created not long after the beings known as the elven gods usurper their fore-fathers taking control of reality. The first Duarga were carved from stone and gems in the deepest realms of the earth by the Deep gods, the loyal children of the colossal. Meant to eventually fight the elves for control of reality and reassert the rightful rulers of the heavens, the Duarga built a mighty civilization underneath the Kor’gati mountains that grew fat on the precious stones and gems of the earth which they used to expand their number exponentially far faster then the slow breeding elves could ever hope to match.

Their gods falling to slumber as the elven gods reaffirmed their control over reality and persecuted other gods, the Duarga’s purpose was forgotten but not abandoned, leaving them to mine and create vast numbers of their kind, to advance their technology to equal the power of magic and build an empire to dominate the stone itself simply out of tradition as their forefathers had done before them, even forgetting that the surface world existed. Their society changed the moment the elves broke into one of their tunnels by mistaken a project to harvest earth magic from the deepest reaches of the stone. With each Duarga with a skeleton of precious jewels and the sheer power of their civilization a threat to the dominance of the elves war was declared almost immediately by the surface dwellers who poured hundreds of thousand of troops into the tunnels beneath secure that their magical power would easily topple to Duarga people. This was proven wrong by over 3 centuries of slow constant siege of the underground realm that was barely in favor with the elves for their mastery over magic, the Duarga’s resistance came at a surprise to the elves who were not used to such organized enemy’s but were content with keeping them bottled in the tunnels below by flooding the battle with slave warriors. The conflict would rage on until the human race known as the Ironbloods would unknowingly liberate the city the elves had used as a beach head into the tunnels allowing the Duarga to rally and secure the tunnels for themselves.

Uniting with the humans and other race to fight the elves and secured in their underground city’s once winter was unleashed onto the continent the Duarga in time found their original purpose fulfilled and a hole in their souls was felt across the entire race for they had no purpose left to exist. Because of their their unity was shattered as they slolwy begun to embrace the idea’s of art, personal fulfillment and a culture as a whole other then war, this saw their once great empire shattered into dozens of city states across the known world that while remaining in a loose alliance for the purpose of self protection and trade agreements would be considered ultimately independent city’s each with their own Forge-Father, traditions and in some rare cases language.

Unlike other races who are born from a mother and father the Duarge like the first of their kind are crafted by hand from the stone itself with a skeleton of precious gems to fuel their life force. This process take anywhere from months to years depending on the skill of the craftmen, the materials on hand and even what form the new Duarga will take, the most traditional being some form of humanoid but it is not unknown to see inhuman forms.

Physical Description: Carved from stone their body’s vary drastically in size and color depending on location as southern city’s who rely on limestone and softer stones will be shorter and tan while the northern Duarga who rely on strong mountain stone can be as black as obsidian and nearly 7ft. Their eyes, teeth and other visible organs vary aswell as their interior is made of precious gems and metal the earth magic generated from these rocks giving the Duarga life. As each body is a work of art it is not uncommon to see them sport “tattoo’s” or murals carved into their own skin which represent their achievements or simply tell story’s that they hold close to their hearts.

Lifespan: Considered to be a adult form the moment they awaken to existence, the magic that flows within them keeps them alive nearly 150 years before they enter the “Deep Sleep” that can only be reawaken with the life force of younger Duarga.

Society: Craft-men without equal, the Duarga continue in their ancient goal of building a civilization to surpass that of the ancient elves by instinct rather then a conscious decision, unaware that they have little to no reason to continue in such a goal with the elves having been long brought down by the humans and their forefathers. Because of this they continuously push the boundary’s of forging and engineering that borders on magic to the unlearned eye. A stubborn folk akin to the stone they are made from, Duarga city’s are mostly considered independent nations and minor kingdoms with only scant diplomatic relations with each other despite their claim they are united under the “Duargan Hemogeny”. This has led to many disasters in the past that have reduced their numbers and have led to the title known as the “Fallen Karza’s” a series of city’s that have been abandoned for one reason or another that despite some of them being safe to be reclaimed are left alone by the Duarga for some unkown reason.

Relations: Seeing the other races as primitive and small-minded, the Duarga put more value on their own existence, as a single Duarga is made of enough gems to fuel the economy of a small city. Because of this they frequently hire outsiders of other races to do dangerous work for them in the outside world promising wealth and technology. But this does not stop them from gaining a level of respect for other races it simply means that other must work twice as hard to gain it but once they do there is very little a individual can do to lose the friendship of a Duyarga,

Religion: Having long forgotten the Deep gods that slumber within the stone who created them, the Duarga do not harbor thoughts on the manner of their creation dwelling not on the past but only the future with few caring for the mechanism’s of the gods. Instead like the Sancti they revere those who come before them, as the magic that powers their existence runs out they store the body’s of the “dead” within grand temples so that in times of doubt or need their “priests” can funnel magical energy into the body’s reanimating the individual for a short amount of time to give advice or protect the city, but it comes at a cost for every few hours a older Duarga is re-awoken the magic must come from a younger member of the race who looses years if not decades.


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