The first of the intelligent bestial races to be born from the Great Winter, a time after the ancient elves defeat when they unleashed a magically tainted winter that lasted for 200 years and who’s magical tainted winds transformed many beasts into the monsters known today. The Drakal were spawned within the hidden caves beneath the Uteos islands slowly making their way upward through the labyrinth cave systems onto the surface were they claimed the vast elven ruins as their own. Inspired by what they found the Drakal recorded and attempted to restore much of the elven ruins and history seeing themselves as the children of the elves, as indirectly they were. With some claiming they spoke for the old elves they preached to the others that their benevolent creators left them a challenge to survive the great winter and find their makers and they would be uplifted to great heights, and when the great winter fell and life began returning to the world the Drakal used the massive fleet of ships kept within the elven city’s to explore outward wishing to find their creators and show how far they had achieved.

Reaching the continent and making contact with both humans and what few elves still lived, the Drakal faced culture shock as their creators were not only not the benevolent beings they were taught but that they had not even intended the Drakal’s creation. The Drakal at this revelation returned to their island homeland and killed those who had lied to them, one of the few moments of major violence on their races history. Many wallowed in despair in this revelation that all they knew was false, but a new ideology was quickly founded were one fell, the Drakal had no gods, no creators other then the magical forces that formed them and off chance that they evolved into sentient beings instead of monstrous beasts or worse and they wished to understand why random chance allowed them to be formed.

Devoting themselves to the study of magic and science the Drakal are the foremost experts in magical research and technology able to reverse engineer many of the old elves creations and create their own that mimics and surpasses them in many circumstances.

Physical Description: Towering at an average 7-8 feet tall and weighing nearly 300 to 500 pounds of scaled flesh, the Drakal are an imposing race who’s tough thorny scales range in color from red, yellow, blue and even green scales with an extremely rare albino Drakal being seen as a gift. Their spines are covered in a thick bone protrusion that moves all the way down to their tail which ends in either elongated spikes or a ball of bone while their heads tend to hand an elongated crest of bone protruding from the sides of their skull that ranges in various sized to a subtle bumb that flares out a few inches to a foot long. Along the length of their arms, legs and chest are shards of bone that protrude outward from their scales forming intricate patterns along their scales.

Life Span: Born in clusters of eggs usually numbering in the dozens, the young have frail white scales that harden and take their final color over a span of 10 years after which they are considered adults. Over their life time the scales will harden and deepen in color until they reach the final stage of their life in the 90’s that will see their scales become so thick it is difficult for them to move without assistance.

Society: Dedicated to magical and technological research most have a thirst for knowledge that cannot be sated and will take any opportunity to travel and experience what the world has to offer, to facilitate this they formed a vibrant trade nation not out of wish for wealth but out of the desire to bring idea’s and creations from all over the world to their home islands. Because of this they welcome also heretics and the outcasts of magical study’s allowing them to continue their forbidden research aslong as it is the means to a end that furthers knowledge.

Relations: Controlling the Trade nation of Uteos and having some of the greatest engineers and mages in the northern territory’s many wish to gain favor with the Drakal offering gifts and heavily favorable trade treaty’s for a chance to gain some of their creations, with their value being that most nations outlaw the slavery of Drakal in fear of offending the race and being barred from trading with them.

Religion: Interested more in the workings of a religion then the actual gods, many Drakal join cults and religious movements simply to experience the fervent emotions that come from the faith

Male Names: Ager, Antton, Dunixi, Edorta, Edur, Kemen, Ixaka, Ugutz, Xanti

Female Names: Alanze, Amaia, Argi, Balerem Catalin, Mirari, Naiara, Neream, Tote


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