Descendents of a mountain tribe of humans that migrated into isolation as they attempted to flee the horrors of enslavement. The Dar-kin were the last hold-outs of free humans in the early days of the age of silver before being discovered by accident, as in their belief of security they had begun to assist run away slaves believing they were safe in their hidden village. But they only succeeded in leading the elves directly to them as hidden among the slaves were turncoats, humans who worked for the elves in finding villages such as theirs.

What Dar-kin were not slaughtered by the elven forces that arrived in their village but were taken in chains to the elven fortress of “ Eluvianeteltophak” a city of where magical horrors were created in droves, were experimentation was taken to it’s most extremes even by the harshest of slave drivers standards and even the researchers themselves were regularly driven insane by what they did to their slaves.

As the rebellion of humanity begun the doors to what was known as the birth place of nightmares slammed shut to keep it’s powers hidden and safe from the rebellion that spread like dragons fire. And so the city remained silent as death for nearly 500 years, only after the rebellion had vanish from memory and the eternal winter of the elves wrath began to retreat from summer did the doors once more opened and the Dar-kin as they are now seen as, walked from that place of death changed by what they experienced within , refusing to speak of what happened to any or reveal the location of the city for a reason known only to themselves, as the horrors within imprinted themselves onto each Dar-kin born giving them the knowledge of the city’s location and why it should never be revealed.

Lifespan: One of the longest living human races, with the average without medical assistance being 110. The Dar-Kin will live the majority of it in their prime.

Physical Description: Magical corruption at it’s purest, the Dar-kin can hardly be called human any longer, with gem stone like eyes that grow in varied numbers across their skin that change shape and color based off of their moods, and skin as cold and blue as ice or as black as coal which ignites what ever it touches unless specially treated, horns regularly rip from their flesh in various patterns that vary from person to person in size and build.

Society: Usually outcasts of society, Dar-kin live the majority of their lives separate from their own people on the road, most leaving their parents to make their own way before the age of 15, And while they will make an effort to avoid other members of their own race it is not uncommon for them to travel in groups of other races if only for the protection it provides, often having maneuvered themselves into a position within the group that forces the others to rely and therefor protect them against threats.

Relations: Manipulative and secretive, Dar-kin rarely share knowledge or resources with other races seeing them more as pieces on a chess board then people. Instead of cooperating with others most prefer to slip into the society’s of other unnoticed, and use or create a situation that will benefit them or achieve their goal and then leave before they are noticed. Because of this many criminal and legitimate organizations, political cou’s, and even a small number of wars can be traced back to having been provoked by a Dar-kin in need of something.

Religion: Caring little for the laws of either gods or man, Dar-kin respect only the laws of their own making, ones that they can twist and turn to their advantage. And while traditionally they do not give respect to anyone one god unless forced to by circumstance, these rare Dar-kin that follow the paths of the gods will give prayer to entire pantheons in equal, in hopes that the gods will watch over them in all paths of life.


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